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Valentines Day is just around the corner and I know you all might have started with your grooming session 😛 Fair enough (y) But don’t repeat the mistakes you made last year. I would precisely say makeup mistakes. Yes you read it right. Here’s a list of what’s trending in makeup this year.

Thick brows- Gone are the days of thin & sleek eye brows. I personally never liked it. Just pluck the extra hair and it’s done. Ain’t it money and time saving? LOL 😉

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Bold Red/Maroon Lips- Enough of orange lips. This year go for Red & Maroon. These colors are not confined to winters but will rock this summer as well. Update your stock girls.

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Winged liner- My favourite: D It reminds me of the actresses from the 70’s. One has to be patient to make those wings perfect. Trust me it’s a tedious job. But you can’t resist screaming after it’s done perfectly.

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Loose braid & Low Ponies- Imagine plenty of wisps floating around the face. Thankfully loose hairstyle is in this year. I always hate those ruffles gripped tightly around ponytail. It leads to headache plus results in hair loss.

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Bronze skin- After all brown skin is the best. The ones who have it don’t have to work hard upon this particular point. And others can simply apply bronze CC Creams which are excessively available in market.

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Graphic eyeliner- This is certainly the coolest trend this year. The bright eyeliner which is easily noticeable from far is really something which must be tried by all.

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Negative Space Nail Art- Nail arts have always been eye catchy. Be it classy, trendy or funky, I like ‘em all. 😀 Still, you must checkout the trending arts.

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That’s all for now. If you have any query, feel free to write to me. 🙂

Lots of Love! :*

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