How many times will I wear the same solid color gown? You might have questioned this to yourself whenever your hands automatically pick the same dress again and again just because it’s too dear and pretty to you that it gets repeated quite often. Girls, it’s time to become handy and playful with your stuff.

Not to forget, from past many years a revolution has come in fashion. It has become more exciting, chic, modish and appealing. Girls have become more confident ever than before. They play with fashion, try new styles, modify it and become their own stylist. Ain’t it great? Of course it is. After all trend changes every now and then and it’s quite difficult for everyone to keep pace with it. And the best way to keep yourself update is to create your own style.

So here are 5 DIY Tips & Tricks which are easy to craft stylish clothes that will definitely revamp your wardrobe.


How stunning this simple gown has become with the addition of merely a chain. For me it’s the perfect combo of grace & elegance.

diy 1


Start your search hunt and take out any tee-shirt or top from the pile. Go for this funky and sporty look!

diy 2


Shirt over gown. Never thought about this one? It looks absolutely stunning and classy. Now I’m feeling bad for the shirts I dumped thinking they are of no use to me 🙁

diy 3


Denim is the ultimate savior. You can style it with any dress. Be it skirt, tight fit dress or a gown. It’s (h)fit for all! 😉

diy 4


Undoubtedly, this belt has added even more poise to the look. Moreover a sleek waist belt can give you an hourglass shape. That’s complimentary benefit. 😀

diy 5

I hope this would’ve helped you a bit and next time don’t disappoint yourself while looking at your wardrobe. Just think of this trick and become the show stopper. Feel free to write to me. 🙂

Take Care

5 thoughts on “GETTING HIGH ON DIY

  1. Ankita Garg says:

    I liked all the looks of the gown but my personal favorite is the DENIM LOOK… thanks for letting us know about so many styles… waiting for more… 🙂

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