We have always been talking about what style to follow, what type of makeup to wear, what all will be the best fashion trends this year and blaaah blaaah. The necessity of style tips can only be understood by a girl (though boys have also started taking keen interest in the same). And it’s tough to understand that why most of the girls/women underestimate themselves when it comes to fashion and style. C’mon, you’re not from some other planet. If you don’t like to wear a few styles then speak about it. There are definitely lot of manufacturers who are trying to figure out the problem with Plus Size girls/women which without your cooperation seems impossible. Start interacting with the brand you own. Ignoring fashion is not the solution but redefining it in your own style is the ultimate solution. LastInch is continuously trying to bring the best and comfortable style for Curvy girls/women. Break your self made rules for plus size fashion and take a look at our New Collection

1. IT’S NEVER SHORT- Rather it’s always cute. LastInch’s Short Black & White Dress is too cute for your curves. Its lil prints, V-Neck and most importantly the length makes it a perfect summer dress. Wear it for college, party, functions etc.



2. FLUFFY INCREASES THE VOLUME- So you mean to say that you should generally wear fitted clothes because fluffy makes you look fat. buhhhh!! What makes you look odd (fat) is the consciousness at your face and not the type of dress you wear. LastInch’s Black Organza Dress is sure to turn the heads around.


3. BIG PRINTS BIG NO- A BIG LAUGH ON THE FACE OF PEOPLE WHO HOLD THIS MYTH! According to me prints define the mood of the person wearing it. Funny, crazy, romantic, party, lazy etc moods can be easily expressed through the prints no matter big or small.  Animal print, butterfly print, check print, heart print and many more are the evergreen ones.


4. HOW LONG SHOULD I STOCK PEPLUM- FOREVER 🙂 Yes, peplum is not going anywhere and it’s the best thing for a curvy body. It gives you the perfect hourglass shape and also covers the heavy bottom. Your troubleshooter.


Throw away the rule book, play with fashion & wear what you love not others. Your valuable suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to present your views. 🙂


  1. Shiba says:

    Thanks for this eye opener post… it’ll surely help plus size to overcome the rules, myths or the trauma they face in carrying any new style….

    Ultimately you are the one who could test, try and experiment with your style…failing which you keep on following these so called rules, myths , thoughts of your own mind…

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