Any statement or gesture criticising a person’s physical appearance is body shaming. It is a shameful act. It’s like a person is in limelight for all the wrong reasons. Body shaming has become a problem for both the genders. Anybody and everybody can be subjected to it now-a- days. Unfortunately girls are more subjected to body shaming and precisely full figured ones.

Generally curvy women think less of themselves and they further feel belittle when they are scrutinised by others for their size. People lecturing them about their body type, embarrass them thus they lack confidence. It is creating insecurities amongst them up to that level where they start detesting their appearance. They isolate themselves from the society.

LASTINCH has always supported the cause of “NO MORE BODY SHAMING” as it empathises with problems faced by the curvaceous women. It is trying to eliminate the thought of “body shaming” from victims’ life. LASTINCH wishes to restore the faith that plus size women have lost. Many esteemed bloggers and models across the country supported us to promote this social cause.



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“For me Confidence is knowing who I am and what do I stand for in all situations”. Neelakshi
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“Whatever size you are, celebrate It. Aim to be healthy eventually. The way you are, you are beautiful. Find the confidence right within your inner self and grow fond of yourself. No one can replace that. You are special and rare in whatever size you are comfortable in. Yes, there are low moments. Yes, one loses confidence. But find your strength. Because you are worth it”. Robin
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“There’s lot going around with #girllove #girlpower #girlequality but still some of us are not able to appreciate our own body and feel confident in it. I still see people commenting on others pictures, ‘Oh you’re too curvy, Oh you’re too thin, you should do something’. Guys Body shaming of any size can be painful, please don’t be so judgemental, You have no idea what they are going through. I just want to tell you guys who are facing this situation, don’t let any one to get under your skin, Just be confident and be proud however you are till the time you’re ‘Healthy’. At the end of the day only one thing counts it’s your Health & Intellectuality. So guys, make a promise to yourself, you’re going to think positive for yourself and for the people around you.
Parents, teach your children that beauty comes in all sizes and colours and help them not to develop any kind of insecurities.
The only ugliness out there is in people’s mind who don’t see the beauty in you. Remember guys ‘Beauty is in every one and every where’ you just need an eye to look for it”. Saroja
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“Plus size or skinny it doesn’t define you. The only thing defines you is your own confidence. I always across with such people who are ashamed of their body. It’s said that fat people are not healthy and unfit as well as ugly. I am plus size and I’m healthy as well as fit. Stop comparing yourself with those models or with anyone, you are however more beautiful. Start loving yourself, chase yourself more, be confident about your body, don’t be ashamed of your body. There is nothing wrong with cellulite, stretch marks, or that extra cute baby fat. If you are comfortable with them and your body then don’t care about anybody’s judgemental views”. Payal
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“The Joy of dressing is an art”. Soumya
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Body shaming is an issue that will not be solved unless everyone learns to accept their body and until media and few magazines quit perpetuating the myth of a perfect body. Nobody chooses the body they have. Your body is a gift. Enjoy it, pamper it, accept the flaws and most importantly love it.

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