It’s quite irritating when someone lectures you to avoid the endless fun of holi just because of the sensitivity of your skin. At certain point of time you also realize that the harsh colors may ruin the hard work behind your glowing skin. But how someone can keep herself/himself away from this super festival which disappointedly comes once in a year. :/ A BIG NO from me. I’m crazily crazy for Holi and also cautious towards my skin. I believe fun and care should go hand in hand. So stop spoiling your mood on that big day and live it to the fullest by taking note of these valuable tips:-



  • Apply mustard oil all over your body before holi as it makes easier to remove those greasy colors.
  • Apply lip balm to your lips and ears as well as it will help these parts to remain moisturized.
  • Holi cannot be played inside home so apply a waterproof sunscreen lotion to your face to prevent it from tanning.



  • Cover maximum part of your body.
  • Avoid wearing sticky & transparent clothes as it grabs unwanted attention which may be problematic for you.
  • Prefer wearing white for holi as the colors are beautifully visible over it.




  • Keep drinking water at regular intervals as dehydration will result in dry skin and exposure to colors can further damage your skin.
  • Switch to organic colors though they are a little expensive but nothing costs more than your skin & health.
  • Avoid slippery footwear and go for gripped ones.
  • Oil your hair a day before holi or wear a hat or cap on the celebration day.

Now don’t panic before stepping outside for holi. You have all the precautions so feel safe, play safe & spread love. 🙂


Take care!

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