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What if?

What if I’d be tad slender This thought always left me ponder Perhaps I’ll be a lock with different key Or will I be same ole me? I struggle to fit in But my heart refuses to give in What if I’d be tad slender This thought always left me ponder Don’t give me judgemental […]


Style tips and rules are applied to all body types. But when we talk about Plus Size Body, the style options get minimized. Need not to worry Curvies. Start working on your look and turn it from JUST OKAY to RED CARPET LEVEL. Focus on how to wear rather what to wear. Check out these 10 […]


Why should I buy from LASTINCH? What are its USPs which differentiate it from other brands? Can I trust upon it? These are so genuine and obvious questions which must arise in every person’s mind while purchasing from any brand. So, if you’re new to LASTINCH, this is for you. 🙂 1. PLUS SIZE FASHION […]


Bollywood plays an important role in setting the trend in regards of fashion. We get highly influenced from the celeb’s style and looks. And this is happening from decades. Some trends become obsolete while others stay in fashion. But there are some trends which were biggest hit from 60’s to 90’s and are back again. […]


Shopping then and now i.e., offline and online has never stopped. Everybody loves to shop whether luxury or necessity. But ever thought how simple and convenient it has become these days? If not, here it is for you:- 1. TIME SAVING In this busy era, where even family members find it hard to dine on a […]

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