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stay trendy all season

STAY TRENDY ALL TIME STAY TRENDY ALL TIME Here are number of options you can opt for your wardrobe which never goes out of fashion. For example, stripes, solids, checks & plaids and floral. Stripes- Whether its horizontal or vertical, it’s all about adding some stripes to your wardrobe. If you want to give an […]

Plus Size V/S Maternity Fashion


“Maternity” and “Plus Size” are often made out to be an ambiguous term. The picture is even grimmer when one steps out as a plus size woman to shop for maternity wear. The plus size industry might have come a long way in matters of clothes and their availability but the discrimination of plus size […]

What if?

What if I’d be tad slender This thought always left me ponder Perhaps I’ll be a lock with different key Or will I be same ole me? I struggle to fit in But my heart refuses to give in What if I’d be tad slender This thought always left me ponder Don’t give me judgemental […]


It’s been very long that the fashion industry has been ruled by size zero which is way too contrary from the reality of general mass. The motive behind every runway is to bring fashion to every possible customer but is often restricted by size availability. Fashion seeks no size and is for all. But the stereotype still […]

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