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What if?

What if I’d be tad slender This thought always left me ponder Perhaps I’ll be a lock with different key Or will I be same ole me? I struggle to fit in But my heart refuses to give in What if I’d be tad slender This thought always left me ponder Don’t give me judgemental […]


We are here to take you out of the dilemma regarding what to wear as per the occasion. Be it friend’s wedding or your date night or a weekend party or your stay at home decision, we’ve the style advice for you to match them all. With the right and most suitable outfit you can […]


Myths and rational thoughts are always conflicting. Even in fashion, the mass follows the prevailing myths. Big girls are always told what and what not to wear. And whatever they wear makes them conscious about their body. Why? If you’re not going to love your body then don’t expect others to love it. Turn the […]


In India, the problem with Plus Size Brands (which are very few) is that they are unable to win the confidence of target people and make them feel beautiful about their curves. We, through our vast range of in-fashion clothing, are trying to make every curvy girl/woman feel special despite of their size. Seriously, size […]

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