Needless to say, the world of blogging has become popular day by day. Writers from across the world are sprinkling magic in the form of their words. Talking about Plus Size Fashion bloggers, they are setting standard among themselves. Social media has become a place where the Plus Size bloggers are growing vigorously. People look up to their clothing style, the brands they follow, where they shop from and their fashion tips. Below is a list of Top 10 Plus Size International Fashion Bloggers who with their spot-on style and endless inspiration are making it big on peoples’ favourite list.



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A native of Los Angeles, Nicolette lives in New York. She has an inclination towards solid colors especially black. Nicolette keeps experimenting with her looks. You can find her in different beautiful hair colors. Being a stylist she is also a traveller. She loves writing about fashion, style, makeup, travel and food in her blog. Her great fashion taste accompanied by expressive writing skills were featured in The new York Times, Vogue Italia, Teen Vogue, Glamour Magazine, Elle Décor and many more. She is also an editor and columnist at Marie Claire.
I would love to see her experimenting more with vibrant colors.



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Besides a fashion blogger, this young soul from Florida is also a model and designer. Nadia contributes to for designing clothing lines. From a part time blogger she turned to a full time blogger. Women across the world love Nadia for her bold and brave looks. She wears what she loves and portrays the same in her blog. Her epic captions are always served with her enticing sense of humour. Probably one of the bold and confident bloggers I have come across.



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Callie shares a body free space at her blog From The Corners Of The Curve. The girl in her 20’s is full of life. Her body weight was once the negative point in her life which is surprisingly now taking her to the peaks. She don’t give an ear to those who lecture her about size. Callie’s style has always been minimalist to which any full figured girl can relate. But she should come out as more striking because style has really nothing to do with size. More power to you girl!



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One of the world’s top plus size fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Tanesha is an inspiration to all those ladies who consider size as an obstacle in the path of fashion and lifestyle. Tanesha started her blog Girl With Curves to express how much she is passionate about fashion and also to share her style tips. Later, she started designing and now owns the Tanesha Awasthi Brand. Her styles are classy and trendy filled up with true elegance. She has been featured in Marie Claire, Vogue, Glamour, Elle, Cosmopolitan and recently named Top Lifestyle Blogger by



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This Chicago based blogger started GabiFresh in the year 2008. She describes herself as a fashion and health lover. Gabi has collaborated with swimwear lines. Now her line is popularly known as GabiFresh. Her swimsuit collection was the major hit and was sold out within 48 hours. Exemplary, ain’t it?



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Ragini is a vintage fashion lover. She usually writes about the clothes which have some sort of history in her blog A Curious Fancy. Ragini is a freethinker who has accepted herself the way she is. Her blog portrays the effortless plus size clothing style which is created in the easiest way. Each and every picture of Ragini reflects the glimpse of 70’s style which is seen nowhere. Visit to her blog page and take a look at her pictures. You will be awestruck. Her blog has been featured in Grazia, Marie Claire India, The New York Times, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan UK etc.



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Blogger, Mother and Huffington Post Contributor, Jay is rocking these three roles of her life. Jay’s styles are sophisticated yet trendy. Through her blog, Jay shares her sense of style, catalogue her outfits and a little about her life. She can tell you the best buys for plus size body. Jay reveals that her personal style is feminine, graceful and trend-savvy. There should be more of challenging outfits which Jay should include in her wardrobe. Women across the world would love to see her in that.



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This Indian origin but Singapore based blogger is one of those women who have taken her body weight positively. She writes her heart and wears whatever she likes. The best part indeed. Best thing about Aarti is that she pulls off whatever outfit she wears be it a denim jumpsuit or a swimsuit. If you give a visit to her blog page namely Curves Become Her, you will find her wearing challenging styles which most of the plus size ladies refuse to wear. Aarti loves talking about plus size fashion and encourages female empowerment. Way to go!



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Allison is a shopaholic who loves everything chic. She started her blog Curvy Girl Chic in order to connect with every curvy girl who is fond of fashion and shopping. She has been showered with love and appreciation from across the world. Her blog post describes the day-to-day style evolutions and how to carry those. Allison is usually seen carrying cute and chic styles which totally justify her blog name but with the change in style and fashion she should try something beyond that comfort and easy go look.



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Blogger at Curves and Chaos, Monique is a makeup lover too. This pretty faced blogger is well informative about the type of makeup which has to go with various styles. Her pictures speak it all. Besides blogger, Monique is a brand ambassador and social media influencer. She writes for The Huffington Post. Through her blog, she shows women how to wear and where to shop the latest trends in fashion.

I am sure you might have not found the concealed or photo shopped curves inside. They portray themselves the way they are. Their transparency is what inspires their followers. Body loving pictures and confident quotes about their curves is what they believe in.



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