We are here to take you out of the dilemma regarding what to wear as per the occasion. Be it friend’s wedding or your date night or a weekend party or your stay at home decision, we’ve the style advice for you to match them all. With the right and most suitable outfit you can make remarkable impression. Don’t take fashion seriously. Wear whatever makes you happy. Besides, you should be aware of what all styles suite your body size and type. Take a look. 🙂

1. On a friend’s wedding: This full figured Gown can be the show stealer. Dark colors are always the charm of the party.

Available at http://lastinch.in/shop/ourcollection/lastinch-maroon-printed-gown/

2. On Date Night: Make this day more special in this beautiful Cutwork Design Dress. I personally believe that red is the solution to all confusions. Supporting this with a saying, “When in doubt, wear red”. 😉


Available at http://lastinch.in/shop/ourcollection/lastinch-maroon-dress-with-attached-crochet-top/

3. On a Weekend Party: The much awaited weekend parties are to die for. And one cannot forget to dress best for the same. Afterall you waited for it the entire week. Add glitter to the party in this Sequin Crop Top.


Available at http://lastinch.in/shop/ourcollection/lastinch-full-sequin-beige-crop-top-2/

4. On a Lazy Day At Home: Home is a place where one can wear anything. And that anything can be this Loose Casual Top and Lounge Pant which are guaranteed to provide comfort at your leisure.


Available at http://lastinch.in/shop/ourcollection/lastinch-brick-red-casual-top/http://lastinch.in/shop/bottom/lastinch-black-white-printed-peg-leg-pants/

Feel free to ask any query.

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