Style is the reflection of one’s personality. It does not spring from following rules or going by the book. Whether you are a plus size girl or not, style is what you choose to wear even if anyone else tells you that is not done right. It is not one shoe fit all thing. When it comes to plus size people everyone has some advice on dressing up and more so on how much they weigh and what they should do to lose that weight. These are the very common attitudes that most plus size people face which might force them to rethink about their bodies and their choice of clothing. So here goes a few tips for plus size to look as good as they desire to be.

WEAR WHAT YOU LOVE: Contrary to what you might think or what anyone else tells you, always remember to dress for yourself and no one else. You may perhaps feel pressured to dress for validation from other people. But if you really desire to look good and feel great inside, only wear that which gives you joy. Your body is your very own and what you choose to do with it shall never be anybody’s business.

DON’T GO BY THE RULES: There will always be someone telling you to wear an outfit a certain way be it a magazine or a person. Scores of articles give you tips on how to look better or pair a certain piece of clothing with another or how you cannot wear something because you are plus size. If you hold onto these views and never experiment with your style you may not know what works for you and find your own style.

GET YOUR FIT RIGHT: Personally I love over-sized clothes for the comfort and style. But it is not ideal to make a habit out of it. It is not necessary to wear two sizes larger than your body size and try to hide behind the layers. This does not mask your size neither does it look right. When you get the right fit, it will not only make your outfits look good but also boost your confidence.

WEAR IT WITH CONFIDENCE: The only thing you need more than the right size of clothing is to wear your outfit with confidence. If you exude confidence then you may be surprised to find that people shall find you the same, a beautiful and confident person. And confidence springs from a firm belief in yourself. Start working on yourself today instead of comparing yourself to another person.

NEVER GIVE INTO BODY SHAMING: There will always be someone telling you that there is something wrong with your body. The only thing that you should do is turn deaf to these trolls. Don’t ponder upon the opinions of others but listen to your own self when it comes to your personal style and preferences.

These are just the handful of things that I personally believe every plus size individual should follow. These are not tips to look good in a certain kind of apparel but to help you through with looking good in everything that you wear and all that you do in life.


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