She is bold, she is outspoken, she is vibrant. She made people believe that size is mere a number and can never be an obstacle in your path towards success. Now, people know her as BBB i.e., Big Bad Beautiful.


Jacqualine has been body shamed ever since she tried to accept herself the way she is. Regardless of what others speak about her, Jacqualine moved ahead with her carefree attitude and is now setting examples for all the beautiful ladies who give more significance to the societal remarks.


Here’s a little message from her:-

“This goes for all kind of bodies. Stop calling girls fat to make sure you yourself feel better. Stop calling girls “bag of bones” to make sure you yourself feel better. Stop telling girls they aren’t allowed to have insecurities because they have “the perfect body”. Stop telling plus size women they aren’t beautiful.



Tell your fellow women that EVERYONE is beautiful. EVERYONE deserves respect, love, support, and a feeling of acceptance. Educate yourself on different body types– just because someone is heavier than deemed acceptable by society does not mean they are unhealthy, just because someone is thinner than society deemed acceptable doesn’t mean they have an eating disorder. Not everyone can look like “society’s perfect body” even with proper diet and exercise. We are meant to look different. We are meant to be different. That’s what makes human beings so beautiful and complex and wonderful”.


If you want to know more about her, do watch the video below and don’t forget to give a thumbs up 🙂


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